Welcome to Shirley University

Shirley University is a private further higher educational institution as a profit Corporate University offering unique skill-oriented professional and vocational degree qualifications internationally.

Incorporation: Shirley University, as a Global University to offer academic and professional courses in Higher Education through accredited Distance Education Methodologies and also through affiliated Study Colleges/Centres (internationally) to confer Diplomas, Advanced diplomas, Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees to students/candidates who successfully qualify for these awards.

The Shirley University (PANAMA) was established with the major objective of providing quality education at affordable fees to the global communities. The Motto of the University is "Success through Wisdom." The University believes that quality knowledge leads to wisdom, which in turn leads to the success of persons thus possessing it. As a single-purpose higher education institution, Shirley University dedicates all its expertise and resources to the delivery of needed educational services to full time students at its worldwide campuses and through distance and on-line learning resources.